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      Telephone & Internet Consultations & On The Road Consultations   $300.00

Mataare clairvoyantly tunes in to important information for the client through a process of psychometry.  Gradually he deepens into a trance state which allows Spirit Guides to come and communicate directly with the client through his body. This process may take one or more attempts over time for all of the necessary conditions to be right before the Spirit Guides are able to come and address a client.

The guides project a clear, palpable presence that heals, supports and radiates great love.  Their perspective renders profound comfort and guidance, for they relate to you with tender understanding and empathy for your humanness, while also acknowledging the vastness of being and potential you harbor within.  In interacting with your Guides, you are reassured and awakened to the truth that you are not alone, Spirit is always just as near as your heart.

Please Note:

  • In order to have an internet or telephone session with the Spirit Guides, it is necessary to first come to an Open Group to determine if your personal Guides will communicate through this medium.

  • As the channeling process requires numerous conditions to be in right alignment for the Spirit Guides to come through for a client, there will be times when appointments must be rescheduled one or more times.

Call Mataare's office: 941.896.6001. After your appointment is scheduled, you may use the secure link below to pay by credit card, or send the entire payment by mail.  The fee must arrive prior to the time of the appointment. Fees are refunded if  consultations are not possible. Internet consultations are preferred as Mataare will be moving away from phone consultations. We recommend you download free internet software ( Call our office for more information.

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