About Mataare

Since 1981 Mataare, working as a clairvoyant, tarot reader, numerologist and trance channel, has traveled extensively, sharing his extraordinary gifts in seminars and readings throughout North America. 

Mataare (formerly named Paul Norris McClain), a professional trance channel since 1981, specializes in channeling his client's own personal Guides as well as some of the most beloved Master teachers. Each Guide has its own powerful, distinguishable character filled with information and love for the client. Clients are able to make significant personal connections with all of their Guides and are able to experience them as the available, supportive friends they are. 

On September 20, 1992 Mataare experienced a powerful, transformative meditation resulting in a major shift in his awareness. He believes the personality of Paul McClain shifted into his Greater Soul self, whose name is Xiota-Lahmpsa Mataare. He now experiences life as Mataare, which he now uses as his name. Mataare believes strongly that anyone can learn to develop psychically and spiritually, and offers courses that put others in touch with their own Greater abilities and Higher awareness.

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